2018 KEM Shrine Circus Acts


Display 1

National Anthem



Display 2

Introducing Our Dynamic Singing Ringmaster



Display 3

One of the fastest most talented Jugglers In the industry today!
The Fast an Furious

Paolo Carbello


Display 4


Amazing Balance and Grace on the Silver Strand

Miss Lola


Display 5

Dangerous, dynamic beasts of the jungle perform in the large steel arena.

The Rage in The Cage



Display 6

Here he comes to tickle your funny bone

The Strong Man



Display 7

“Contortion at its Best”

Miss Denise


Display 8

Watch in amazement as colorful costumes change at a blink of an eye

The Magical Quick Change Act By the

” Arestov Duo”   


Display 9

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Elegance & Grace performed by our Circus Ballerinas.
Enjoy this colorful production of our very own aerial Show Girls on the



Display 10

Defying all laws of gravity, master of balance on the Rolla Bolla

Sir Ivan


Display 11

Hula Hoop Hysteria in Three rings

Miss Michelle

Miss Denise

Miss Alceda






Display 12


Over three rings of amazing Juggling!

Mr. Thomas

Mr. Igor

Mr. Theodore



Display 12


Elegance and Grace high above the arena floor

Featuring the Angel of the sky

Miss Denise and the Moon



Display 13

Hold on to your seats… Here they come!

The Largest Stars of the Circus

The Shrine Circus Performing Elephants



Display 14

Here come those Crazy

KEM Shrine Clowns




Display 15


For the First Time in the Ralph with Four death defying

motorcycle stuntmen in the Globe of Death…

The Dominguez Thrill Riders



Display 16

We wish you a fond farewell and from our family to yours.

May all your days be Circus Days!!

The acts listed and the order of appearance is subject to change without notice due to conditions beyond the control of the producer.